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LCD and LED for the repair of laptops in Italy and Switzerland

Screens is the first manufacturer in Italy for screens and panels parts for the repair of notebooks or laptops.

Screens specializes in providing replacement screens for laptops. We provide screens for laptops and notebooks since 2001. Screens are buying LCD and LED panels for laptops in high amounts by major manufacturers of screens: AU Optronics (AUO), LG Philips and Samsung, etc ... This allows us to have the most wide selection of displays that can be found in the market for the repair of laptops at a very competitive price, especially compared to the purchase of screens directly from portable computer manufacturers and notebooks. Screens was founded as an alternative bearing savings in time and money to 1) the purchase of a new notebook and 2) the high prices for screens practiced by computer manufacturers. Screens We believe that replacing the screen of your laptop should be an easy and short. Whether you're on your own notebook or business, whether you're a repairman, a retailer of electronic or computer, or a repair center, Laptops Screens is always at your service.